Proposals for Doctoral Panels

Doctoral Panels

Young scholars who are writing their PhD theses in  English, North American or related are invited to make a brief presentation of their work-in-progress in one of the  doctoral sessions organized by common threads. These presentations should deal with the issues addressed or hypotheses researched in the thesis and the methodologies applied, with the purpose of gaining feedback from peers and established scholars in the field. Each presentation will last 10 minutes, followed by 15 minutes’ discussion.

Each panel will be coordinated by a convenor who will make a selection from the  applications received.  PhD students attending the doctoral sessions may attend the full APEAA Conference.

Presentation in a doctoral session is not incompatible with   participating and presenting a paper in one of the seminars.

Applications must include a letter from the student’s PhD supervisor confirming that the student is working under his/her  supervision.

The application should also include a summary of the project (of no more than 300 words), indicating:

1) The main topic and issues, including the thesis proposed/hypothesis defended

2) The methodology (theoretical tools and standpoints)

3) Where relevant, the corpus under consideration

4) The results so far obtained.

Applications should be addressed to the conveners by the 15th of February 2016

Professor Isabel Caldeira ( Faculty of Letters, Coimbra University)

Professor Luísa Flora (Faculty of Letters, Lisbon University)

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