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21-23 March 2016

Venue: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University Lisbon

Programme: 37th Meeting APEAA Draft Programe docx

The 37th Meeting of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies inaugurates in 2016 a new format, moving away from the themed paradigm to highlight the range and diversity of British and American studies current research.

Papers and panel proposals are welcomed on any subject that falls under the remit of the two academic areas (including literary studies cultural studies, post-colonial studies, performance, film and theater studies, gender and sexuality studies, translation studies), and a variety of presentation styles, from the traditional panel sessions to roundtables and workshops and posters  are encouraged. Proposals for panels, put together around a common theme or research domain are particularly welcome. We also welcome papers and panels on Canadian, Irish, Scottish and other (Anglophone) Studies.

The many anniversaries celebrated in 2016 may provide the foundations for panels and individual papers:

Shakespeare’s death (1616)

Centenary of the Irish Easter Rising (1916).

The 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

H. G.Wells was born in 1866 and died in 1946.

Publication of Thomas More’s Utopia (1516).

Henry James died in 1916.

Publication of the first issue of the African-American literary magazine FIRE!! (1926).

Langston Hughes’ poetry collection The Weary Blues, and “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain” (1926).

The final version of The Cyborg Manifesto published by Donna Haraway 25 years ago

100th anniversary of World War I.

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times was released 80 years ago.

Conveners and organizers of panels with a common topic are encouraged to put together a peer reviewed volume of essays to be published as an e-book which may be lodged in the APEAA platform.

The meeting will also incorporate a Graduate Conference component, where students are encouraged to present and discuss their work with more established scholars, in round tables and poster sessions. We are also accepting proposals for doctoral panels (please, see above). A number of participation grants will be awarded to graduate students who are members of the Association. MA and Ph.D. students can apply for this grant by sending the abstract, an estimation of travelling costs and aconfirmation of their status issued by their supervisor.

Book Presentations: APEAA members are also invited to present their own recently published academic books and/or translations (2014-2015). Please contact the organising committee (


Guest Writer:

– MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM (Author, Yale University)


Keynote speakers:

– CARLOS CEIA (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

– HUGH STEVENS (University College London)

– ROB CORBER (Trinity College, Connecticut)

– RUI CARVALHO HOMEM (Universidade do Porto)

SANTANU DAS (Kings College, London)

– TERESA PINTO COELHO (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)



Panel, workshops, individual papers and graduate roundtables and posters sessions: Open: 1 November 2015 Close: 15 February 2016

Abstracts of 250 words in English or in Portuguese should include name of the speaker institutional affiliation and position, full title of paper, format and a short biographical note and contact details should be sent to the conference email:

Submissions to the Graduate sessions should indicate it explicitly.

Working languages: English and Portuguese

Student Grant Applications Open: 1 January 2016 Close: 15 February 2016 Applications should be sent to this email with the subject: Student Grant Applications.

Registration Fees:

APEAA members: 50 euros

Non-members: 100 euros

APEAA student members (undergraduate, MA and PhD): 15 euros.

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